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Dinos Alive was inspired by our 2 year old son, Arian James, who had an unexplainable love for dinosaurs at a very young age.  His young mind was captivated by dinosaurs as he yearned to learn more about them.  In January 2016, we took Arian to a dinosaur expo where he witnessed a realistic walking dinosaur and baby dinosaurs.  We witnessed the awe and smile on his face and the faces of countless other children and adults which was like no other smile seen before.  The room was filled with fascination and joy which warmed our hearts. Dinos Alive wishes to create those same smiles on the children of the Coastal Bend and surrounding areas.


Dinos Alive began its operation in May of 2016. We look forward to serving the people of Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

  • What do these dinosaurs do exactly?
    Timmy the T-Rex is mobile. He walks, dances, moves his tail, opens and closes his mouth and roars just like real dinosaurs did 65 million years ago. The costume is worn by an operator and is controlled from the inside. The baby dinosaurs both blink their eyes and move their heads and mouths. The babies are controlled by an operator who controls their movements by hand like a hand puppet.
  • How long can an operator wear the costume?
    Due to the safety reasons of the operator the performance time for Timmy the T-Rex is 1 hour (indoor setting and cooler months). If you need additional time we can have a backup operator on standby. During summer months (for outdoor events), the performance time may vary from 15 min to 30 min without a break due to the high temperatures inside the costume.
  • Do you have baby dinosaurs?
    Yes we have two, Sarah the Triceratops and AJ the Brontosaurus.
  • How big are the dinosaurs and do they make any sound?
    Timmy the T-Rex measures 7 ft high and 12 ft long. The baby dinosaurs are 3 feet in length. Timmy the T-Rex is the only dinosaur to make a roaring sound.
  • Can the dinosaurs be rented for just about any event?
    Yes, they can, as long it is not raining. Let us know what you have in mind. We ask that a parking space of 35 ft be available for our trailer that hauls the dinosaurs. This is very important. We need about approximately 20 to 30 minutes to set up prior to any event.
  • What do your birthday party packages include?
    Timmy and the gang’s Birthday Package includes one hour with Timmy the T-Rex and both baby dinosaurs and two of the following: ​ • Walk the T-Rex with collar and leash (will depend of temperature for outdoor events) • Dance off with Timmy the T-Rex • Fossil Dig Station (children will get a fossil keepsake to take home) • Make your own Fossil Station (children can take home their souvenir fossil) • Dinosaur T-shirt for birthday child All parties will include selfie and picture time with the dinosaurs. Other party packages are available. Call for details.
  • How much is it to rent the dinosaur?
    Please call us at 361-866-9090 or send us an email with details of your event and the length of time. We will provide you with a quote within 24 hours.
  • Is there a deposit required to book a dinosaur?
    Yes, a 50% deposit is required to book your event. The other 50% is due 5 days before the event. The reservation deposit is applied to the total entertainment cost.
  • Does Dinos Alive travel outside of the Corpus Christi area?
    Yes we will travel outside of the Corpus Christi area with an additional travel fee. Call us for more details.
  • What if I decide to cancel?
    Deposits are non‐refundable; however, they are transferable based on availability.
  • What forms of payment do you receive?
    We gladly accept cash, debit, credit cards and PayPal.
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